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    Ryan J. McManus
    HCI student and UX professional

About Me

As a research and design practitioner, I am capable of tackling problems from a variety of different angles and contributing in both creative and technical capacities. Above all else I strongly believe in taking a methodical, systematic, and holistic approach to problem-solving to reach conclusions based on sufficient evidence and rationale. I believe this approach allows me to thrive in broad, abstract problem spaces and deliver innovative, user-centered solutions. I think that I work best in a collaborative, team-based environment.

I am fascinated by how technology- in particular software- can be used to educate, persuade, entertain users. This broad area of interest includes such various topics as training simulations, edutainment, game design, interactive fiction, virtual spaces, and online communities. Ultimately I am an explorer at heart, in that I love to travel and learn more about the world and its people. Some of my other interests include psychology, history, geography, philosophy of mind, music, and soccer.

I am currently seeking a full-time position in UX or HCI for Summer 2018 and beyond.

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