Prototyping a new object schema for the Salesforce Communities platform

CoCounselor is an Atlanta-based software startup that maintains an eponymous cloud-based law practice management solution based in the Salesforce app ecosystem.

When I joined the CoCounselor team in Fall 2014, my role initially consisted of Salesforce administration and customer support duties, but later on I was also actively involved in various development efforts. The most significant of these related to redesigning the application's information architecture in preparation for migration to the much more scalable and cost-effective Salesforce Communities platform. This project entailed conceptualizing and prototyping alternative data models that would better adhere to data normalization principles, as well as generating flow diagrams and wireframes to represent possible directions for UI/UX design. I also assumed responsibility for maintaining the legacy platform during this time, and deployed an assortment of bugfixes across several patch versions.


  • Company:CoCounselor
  • Date:Summer 2015-Spring 2016
  • Skills:UX, UI, Data modeling