Project Overview

GTRI is a business that relies heavily on defense contracts, and within my lab (HSEB) as well as other adjacent branches (ELSYS) there is interest in taking on more modeling and simulation projects. Previously, people in my lab used a proprietary tool called MicroSaint to simulate task network models, but given the relative advantages of using an open-source platform, I have been assigned to a special cross-lab task force charged with internally developing a generalized simulation framework. Other labs are applying the tool to larger-scale wargaming scenarios, and my job is to represent the smaller-scale human factors interest of my lab within the context of this project.


Hierarchical Task Analysis

I spent Fall 2016 working on task analysis for naval aviation mission planning systems. From this experience I learned about the kind of data I would be working with, and what the needs of the user would be.







  • Company:GTRI
  • Date:Summer 2017 - Spring 2018
  • Skills:Analysis, Implementation