Designing for the navigational and spatial information needs of GT students

"Map My GT Campus" is a concept for a web mapping service that is tailored to the specific needs of GT students, including familiarization with campus, route planning, and navigation. Throughout the course of our research, we made use of interviews and surveys to explore the problem space and identify general user needs, and then we used methods like contextual inquiry and participatory design to hone in on specific design opportunities. This extensive user research process was followed by rapid iterations of ideation, design, prototyping, and evaluation.

Pictured above is a paper prototype that I created to demonstrate a concept for a crowd-sourced, spatially-organized social network during the divergent brainstorming phase.. Below I have embedded a video demo that I produced to showcase the final version of our interactive prototype (disclaimer: credit for building the prototype itself goes to other members of my group).


  • Course:Intro to HCI (CS 8803)
  • Date:Fall 2016
  • Skills:User Research, UX Design