Project Overview

MedMinder is an integrated set of technologies that allow caretakers and family members to monitor whether elderly patients are taking their medicine. The system consists of a mobile app, wearable pendant, and smart pill dispenser.


User Persona

Since I lacked the resources to conduct actual research with real users, my first step was to generate a persona in order to build empathy with the target user group.

A Day in the Life

I proceeded to map the day-to-day activities of my archetypal user to build additional empathy and explore what kinds of touch points would be suitable to them.

MedMinder Caretaker App

Lo-Fi Wireframes

My first wireframes (a subset of which are pictured above) for the MedMinder app were very low-fidelity and largely served to illustrate overall screen flow and information architecture.

Interactive Prototype

After receiving high-level feedback, I proceeded to prototype these screens at a somewhat higher fidelity (including a basic level of interaction, i.e. moving back and forth between screens).

User Testing

In order to receive more substantive feedback, I held user testing sessions with a couple people who were closer to my target user group, and synthesized the resulting data.

MedMinder Pendant

The MedMinder system also includes a pendant that elderly patients can wear to receive reminders when they are due to take medications. Pictured is the 3-D model I created.

MedMinder Smart Pill Dispenser

Finally, Medminder also features a smart pill dispenser with a touch screen interface. This specific part of the system was developed as a group project; I put the interactive prototype (consisting of fifteen or so medium-fidelity wireframes) together, but credit for the 3-D model of the pill dispenser goes to my teammates.


  • Course:Interface Prototyping (ID 6515)
  • Date:Fall 2017
  • Skills:UX Design